Ramboll takes the lead in Arctic debate

24 juunip 2014
How do we develop infrastructure in the Arctic region? Can logistical hubs create a significant opportunity for supporting sustainable economic development? Ramboll Group CEO discussed the Arctic development potential at a high-profile round table discussion in Montreal.

Ramboll Group CEO, Jens-Peter Saul, recently participated in a high profile roundtable discussion in Montreal with the theme “The Arctic Breakthrough” as part of the International Economic Forum of the Americas attended by 3000 delegates. The panel of distinguished speakers included Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland, and Wendy Watson-Wright, Assistant Director-General of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission for UNESCO.

Need for infrastructure and logistical hubs

The round table explored topical Arctic issues such as the current lack of infrastructure, the potential of vast reserves of offshore oil and gas, the impact of climate change and the geopolitical significance of the Arctic. Jens-Peter Saul discussed the need to develop infrastructure projects and logistical hubs in the Arctic, as a significant opportunity for supporting sustainable economic development. He also spoke about the importance of striking a careful balance between economic development and environmental concerns.

Developing Arctic and creating liveable cities

The round table was the latest in a series of prominent events in which Ramboll has played a key role including the World Cities Summit, Sharing Copenhagen, C40, and Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum.

Participation in these events has provided significant momentum to Ramboll’s strategic ambition to be recognised as a Sustainable Society Consultant and in particular our Arctic 360 and Liveable Cities initiatives.

For more than 30 years, Ramboll has been building its reputation for high level consultancy in Arctic working with projects such as the Polarled pipeline, the Harpa Concert Hall, the Barents Freeway and Society Building in Greenland.

About the International Economic Forum of the Americas

The International Economic Forum of the Americas was created to promote the role of the Americas in major decisions and reforms related to the current global economic context. Its mission is also to facilitate agreements, offer business opportunities and provide access to unique insights from leading specialists.

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