Ramboll and others win contract for the world's longest immersed tunnel

21 marsip 2017
Ramboll, Arup and TEC have won the tender for client consultancy on the upcoming Fehmarnbelt fixed link between Denmark and Germany - an 18km combined road and rail link.
Visualisation of train and cars on the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link

Visualisation of train and cars on the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link


The Ramboll-Arup-TEC consortium is to continue as the principal consultant for Femern A/S, who is responsible for designing and planning the fixed link between Denmark and Germany. The consortium has collaborated on the design of the immersed tunnel since April 2009 and has now won the bid for client consultancy. The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will be one the largest construction projects in Danish history with an overall contract period of 15 years and an estimated value of € 114 million.

With more than 30,000 employees between them, the Ramboll-Arup-Tec joint venture is one of the leading tunnelling consultants in the world, and their track record includes landmark infrastructure projects such as the Øresund Tunnel in Denmark, the City Tunnel in Malmö, Sweden, the Medway Tunnel in England, as well as underground systems in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Over 70 highly professional employees can look forward to being engaged full-time on the project in its construction phase, contributing approximately one million work hours for the entire joint venture.

“It is gratifying to have won the contract for client consultancy for such an important project as the Fehmarn link,” says Søren Brøndum, Executive Director of Transport in Ramboll Denmark and Chairman of the consortium. “The project is technically challenging and complex, which goes well with our comprehensive specialist expertise at Ramboll. At the same time, we already have thorough knowledge of the project from the design phase. I look forward to the continued cooperation, both within the consortium and with the entrepreneur.”

Henrik Christensen, Technical Director of Femern A/S, agrees. “We have received a good and qualified offer from the Ramboll-Arup-TEC consortium. Choosing Ramboll-Arup-TEC for this project provides us with highly qualified client consultancy, especially when the construction project starts in earnest after the German regulatory approval.”

Facts about the Fehmarn fixed link

The total length of the tunnel is 18.1 km from tunnel mouth to tunnel mouth. This is approximately five times the length of the Øresund Tunnel and three times the length of the Transbay Tube in San Francisco, which is currently the longest immersed tunnel in the world. Motorists will be able to drive at speeds of 110 km/h in the tunnel and the journey will take around 10 minutes. For train passengers, the journey will last only 7 minutes from coast to coast.

Ramboll-Arup-TEC Joint Venture:

  • Ramboll, Denmark
  • Arup, UK
  • TEC Tunnel Engineering Consultants, the Netherlands

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