Ramboll wins new project in Nordhavnen in Copenhagen

04 juunip 2015
Ramboll has won the assignment of planning and design for a new road tunnel 'Nordhavnstunnelen' which will connect the tunnel on the Nordhavnsvej project (currently under construction) with Nordhavnen (the North Harbour in Copenhagen) and hereby improve the access for traffic in the area.
Aerial photo of Nordhavnen, Copenhagen

Aerial photo of Nordhavnen, Copenhagen


Ramboll has been chosen as the main advisor on the project, while Cowi will provide advice in connection to the environmental impacts of the project.

Providing tendering design and identifying opportunities

The project, which will run over a period of 4-5 years, consists of preparation of an EIA assessment followed by a tendering design process for the chosen solution as well as supervision during construction. The study of this approx. one kilometer long tunnel stretch will identify and examine various configurations of how to connect the tunnel to the existing and planned road network on Nordhavnen. Furthermore the study will include study of a bicycle bridge/tunnel in parallel with the road tunnel.

“The construction of the project is placed in an area with many affected parties such as neighbours and the many users of Svanemøllehavnen (the Svanemølle Harbour). It is therefore vital that our design contains solutions which can minimise the inconvenience for the users of the area, while construction is underway”, says Klavs Koefoed, Senior Project Director, Infrastructure and Transport.

Ramboll will cooperate with Schønherr as aesthetic consultant and the Dutch company TEC, if the project will be in need of specialist assistance regarding immersed tunnel solutions.

Yet another Nordhavn project for Ramboll

Nordhavnen is developing rapidly with an expected number of 40,000 residents and 40,000 workplaces. Ramboll is working on a number of projects in connection with the new area in Nordhavnen and this tunnel project is a natural extension of our current projects in this area.

“Currently we are working on projects such as the Nordhavnsvej, and the Nordhavn Metro Extension as well as urban development projects in the Aarhusgade and Sundmolen areas. We are very excited to take on the Nordhavnstunnel project as well and expand on our project portfolio in the Nordhavnen area”, says Klavs Koefoed.

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