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Alstom’s tidal turbine

Alstom’s tidal turbine

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Ramboll is involved in providing structural and installation design of the foundation support structure for the 10MW tidal turbine test array.

Ramboll is currently working on a 10MW array for TGL from concept study to detailed design for both foundation design and installation methodology. This turbine is one of the first to go beyond the prototype stage and opens the door to a new form of renewable energy.

Essential to the development of tidal stream power generation is cost effective structures that can be easily installed in the challenging tidal environment and the client picked Ramboll for its world class expertise in marine technologies as well as its track record of inventive solutions to challenging problems.

Ramboll services include:

Concept Development and Structural and Geotechnical Analysis

Ramboll have a long track record of inventive and innovative design in the marine environment and for taking advantage of the repeatability of structure for the renewable sector. We have developed an in-house software package “ROSAP” that includes hydrodynamic and static and dynamic loading, structure/soil interaction, push over analysis and fatigue life calculations. ROSAP has been instrumental in our success in the design of offshore wind foundations and it is being used extensively in our analysis of the 10MW tidal test array.

Offshore Installation Methodology

Ramboll have been involved in the installation of many offshore structures over the past three decades and installation and transportation analysis is integral to our work on the offshore wind foundations. Ramboll is working closely with a sub-contractor on the installation methodology of the 10MW tidal test array to develop techniques such as dynamic positioning and subsea pile drilling that can reduce the critical installation programme.


Ramboll have extensive experience in gaining certification for novel and new offshore technologies from our experience in both Oil and Gas and Offshore Wind and are working closely with the 3rd party approver on the 10MW tidal test array.

Ramboll Greenland (Pingaarnertut allaffeqarfia)

Ramboll Greenland (Pingaarnertut allaffeqarfia)
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