E18 motorway in Finland

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Ramboll participates in planning the development of European road E18 to safeguard a sufficient and comprehensive service level on this most significant international road connection in Finland. The route connects the growing areas in southern Finland with the metropolitan area and the important export trade terminals. Finland is committed to upgrade the whole E18 road to motorway level by 2015.

As part of the Nordic Triangle traffic system, prioritised by European Union, the E18 stretches across southern Finland from Turku via the Helsinki metropolitan area to Vaalimaa at the Russian border providing a fast route to Eastern markets.

In a Finnish perspective the projects linked to different planning phases and sections of E18 are exceptionally wide and multidisciplinary. The multibranch approach, a vast number of experienced experts and strong investments in communication during the planning phases have been essential for the success of the project.

Upgrading the E18 route to a motorway improves the fluency of traffic and the safety of the road, and therefore helps to reduce the number of serious or fatal traffic accidents. Thanks to the new route the risk of contamination of ground water is expected to diminish, as is also the number of residents exposed to noise over 55 dB.

The Muurla-Lohja project comprised of 51,3 km of new motorway, seven motorway tunnels with the total length of 5,2 km, eight interchanges and 48 bridges. The project was implemented with the life cycle model, which means that building of the road and its maintenance was acquired with one service contract.

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