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Braced by its two internal cores, the concrete frame to the tower has been carefully coordinated with the remaining basement structure of the oil stores and terrace to establish a relationship with the raw character of the existing industrial architecture. The main structural scheme comprises both reinforced concrete and steel framed construction. Much of the existing basement space has been preserved, with openings formed in the large existing retaining wall to create new through access routes to Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall.

At ground level, the frame emerges out of the concrete underworld in the form of a faceted pyramid. Deep transfer beams, both internally and at the building’s perimeter, facilitate a change in geometry and provide a base for the tower structure to ascend.

The two large internal reinforced concrete cores were essentially designed and constructed in jump form as solid boxes, with localised openings and exposed surfaces to create the aesthetically pleasing finish that was so critical.

Ramboll’s passion for design is seen throughout this building, with countless numbers of concrete options explored for the exposed areas, to be sure of the best end result.

The final concrete solution specified was 40% GGBS; a grade which not only ensures a light and smooth finish with sharp edges, but also has lower CO2 , resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

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