Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Here you can read more about some of the projects we are currently involved in worldwide or look through our project database.

Greenland can save millions on harbour expansion

As the nerve centre of logistics, Nuuk Harbour is too small and can deny Greenlandic growth. According to a new socio-economic analysis from Ramboll Management Consulting, Greenland can earn an estimated 80 million Euros by expanding the harbour.

Stimulating sustainable development for the people of Greenland

A multidisciplinary team of Ramboll engineers and Ramboll Management Consulting experts will equip Greenlandic companies to become competitive subcontractors for large natural resource projects. The competitive platform will ensure sustainable development for Greenlandic society.

Breaking new ground in Greenland

Ramboll is the chosen consultant for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in connection with the expansion of the port of Nuuk. The EIA assessment will be the first of its kind in Greenland not related to natural resources, as the legislation in the area is new. This makes the study unique because it will form a precedent for future assessments. Construction cost will be in the order of 65 mEUR.

Greenlandic Airports

In a country as large as Greenland, the only way to travel between towns is often by air. The airport development and maintenance done by Ramboll is therefore incredibly important to society there.

Greenland’s new prison fitted for Arctic settings

A new correctional facility is beginning to take shape in the capital of Greenland – Nuuk. More than being one of the most beautifully located facilities in the world, it will provide the sentenced with an opportunity to serve time closer to their families, nature and culture.

Converting waste problems into fertile Arctic land

Sisimiut, a town located in the heart of Arctic, is growing. With a current population of approx. 5,500 people, the town is facing serious waste problems as the local incineration plant’s capacity has long been exceeded. Ramboll developed an effective method for converting waste into fertile land in close collaboration with the Home Rule Government and the municipality of Qeqqata.

Kvanefjeld Port Feasibility Study

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd (GMEL) intend to establish a new port as part of an integrated Concentrator and Refinery facility in Kvanefjeld, Greenland, for the Kvanefjeld Rare Earth and Uranium Project. Ramboll has covered the port and logistics part of the total project and prepared a Port Feasibility Study, which demonstrates the technical feasibility of the future Kvanefjeld Port.

Tate Modern

Officially opened on 17th June 2016 the new Tate Modern extension later named the Blavatnik building is an iconic world-class addition to London’s skyline. Enabling new ways to display Tate's collection, the new building has been instrumental to Tate Modern's recent success, as it topped the polls as the UK's most visited attraction in 2018.

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