The built environment constitutes a fundamental part of our lives and communities. In recent years, there has been a rising demand for energy efficient and environmentally sound buildings evolving from the debate on how to combat climate change. In addition, design remains a major focus, and there is a great demand for unique and innovative design solutions.

The Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo


Lars Ostenfeld Riemann

Executive Director, Buildings & Aviation Global Division Director
T: +45 5161 6897

Longstanding and inspirational design

Today’s global challenges call for innovative buildings solutions – both with regards to functionality and design. Truly sustainable buildings and cities call for integrated, multidisciplinary design solutions to address all of the complex, interrelated aspects of the built environment.

To best serve our customers, we always strive to come up with the best possible solutions and question the way things are done to optimise the end result. Due to our strong Nordic roots, we consider sustainability a natural part of all our projects. Today, we design buildings that are virtually CO2 neutral.

Virtual design and construction

We use computer aided techniques to bring striking building renderings to life, and decisions and changes can be implemented and assessed before the actual construction starts.

Ramboll has led the way in the use of a range of advanced computer aided design techniques that can help produce these buildings. We have a unique approach to using Building information modelling (BIM) and CAD, and combining these with analysis techniques.

Project management and client consultancy

It requires a lot of experience to build a building according to specification, time schedule, and budget – and to ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the process. We are passionate about always delivering the best possible result, and we challenge the status quo to ensure maximum value creation in every project.

We provide client consultancy services and project management services throughout any building process. Here, we operate with the ‘Local Presence, Global Knowledge’ principle: we firmly believe that a local presence is essential – both to develop strong relationships with our customers – but also to fully understand the local conditions that influence our service delivery. At the same time, we leverage the benefits of being a large organisation with global reach by sharing and pooling our collective expertise and best practices across the organisation.


  • We have more than 3,000 specialists working within Buildings worldwide
  • We hold a leading position in the Nordic countries (incl. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland) and the UK
  • Our spearhead services include structural engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering
  • Our biggest customers include architects, contractors, developers, and other private enterprises – as well as public sector customers like municipalities and government organisations, incl. hospitals and universities.

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Ramboll. Pulkovo Airport. Image: GRIMSHAW

Gateway to St. Petersburg

In early 2010, NCG appointed Ramboll as lead designer of the redevelopment of Pulkovo Airport, which is one of the most ambitious aviation projects currently underway in Europe.

The Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo

New National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

Every capital around the world has its own distinctive attractions and national symbols such as a Parliamentary building, a university and museums. In Oslo, the Norwegian national planning authority, Statsbygg, is currently planning a National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Nasjonalmuseet).

Ramboll. Tate Modern extension. Image: Daniel Shearing

Tate Modern

Officially opened on 17th June 2016 the new Tate Modern extension later named the Blavatnik building is an iconic world-class addition to London’s skyline. Enabling new ways to display Tate's collection, the new building has been instrumental to Tate Modern's recent success, as it topped the polls as the UK's most visited attraction in 2018.

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Rambøll Greenland (Head office)
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