Renewable energy

Around 16% of the world’s energy consumption comes from renewable resources such as biomass, hydro, wind, solar and geothermal. Renewable sources of energy have been the driver of much of the growth in the global clean energy sector for the past 25 years, and today at least 30 nations around the world already have renewable energy contributing more than 20% of energy supply.

Solar heating plant

Peter Heymann Andersen

Peter Heymann Andersen

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Ramboll’s energy team provides expertise on the full spectrum of renewable technologies. 

Wind energy is one of our special competences. Read more about our services within wind energy.

In addition, we provide consulting services on biogas, biomass, geothermal energy, hydro power, solar energy and tidal & wave.


Ramboll is a leading engineering consultancy in AD and biogas, and has been involved with AD and biogas projects for over a decade. Our work includes establishing major modern facilities dealing with a variety of feedstocks,  gas production for direct energy generation, as well as compression and fuel supply. 


Ramboll is one of the most experienced engineering consultancies in the field of biomass, with a track record of delivering over 60 biomass power, heat and CHP facilities, using a full spectrum of fuel types.  We specialise in reliable and high efficiency facilities, with some of the resulting plants using advanced energy recovery systems that allow them to even claim energy efficiency rates of more than 100 percent.

Geothermal energy

Ramboll has over 10 years of experience within the field of geothermal energy. This includes areas such as seismic, geological and geophysical studies and investigations including modeling and reservoir hydraulic calculations and evaluation. Furthermore Ramboll has specific knowledge within the field of well site layout/infrastructure and permissions, and follow up on operation and maintenance.

Hydro power

Over the years Ramboll has become a well-known hydro power consultant, particularly on the Swedish market. Ramboll works to innovate and streamline hydro plants. By utilising the latest technology and optimisation solutions, we optimise the power stations to raise the efficiency of existing units. We design, monitor and assure the quality of investments, both retrofits and new hydro power plants.

Solar energy

Since the early 1990s Ramboll has been involved in more than 20 different solar heating projects in ten countries around the world, covering a combined total of more than 200,000m2. Our project references include the establishment of 15 of the largest solar heating plants in Scandinavia, including the world's largest plant, which is located in Marstal in Denmark. Over the last four years we have also been involved in photovoltaic solar energy projects with electrical outputs of up to 46,300 kWh annually.

Tidal & wave

Ramboll has a long track record of inventive and innovative design in the marine environment and for taking advantage of the repeatability of structure for the renewable sector, including tidal & wave installations. Ramboll is currently working on a 10MW tidal test array from concept study to detailed design for both foundation design and installation methodology.


Biomass power plant in Maabjerg

Maabjerg BioEnergy, which is one of the world’s largest biogas plants, was initiated by a group of local farmers together with local energy supply companies.

Avedøre Power Plant, Copenhagen, Denmark

Avedøre Power Station - one of the world's most efficient multi-fuel power plants

Located on the coast just south of Copenhagen, Unit 2 of Avedøre Power Station uses natural gas (Ngas), oil, straw and wood pellets for simultaneous generation of heat and electricity. The plant is one of the most energy efficient plants in the world, as it exploits up to 94 percent of the energy in the fuels and operates with an electrical efficiency of up to 49 percent.

Alstom’s tidal turbine

Tidal Generation Limited

Ramboll is involved in providing structural and installation design of the foundation support structure for the 10MW tidal turbine test array.

Sunny countryside

Solar energy project in Lillestrøm

State-of-the-art renewable energy project

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