At a time when security of the supply of sustainable and affordable energy is at the top of the political agenda Ramboll offers an intelligent consultancy, tested by years of hands-on experience, in which both private and public sector clients can place their trust.

Avedøre power plant outside Copenhagen


Thomas Rand

Thomas Rand

Managing Director, Energy
T: +45 5161 8610
Peter Heymann Andersen

Peter Heymann Andersen

Managing Director, Transport
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Ramboll is among the 10 leading energy consultancies in Europe. We focus on adding maximum value - both to our clients and society at large. The projects that we carry out for our clients typically provide the overall society benefit of securing the supply of energy, reducing climate impact, improving energy efficiency and countering resource scarcity. We place a strong focus on improving performance and reducing costs in all phases of our projects, from capital to operation and maintenance costs. For our clients, working with Ramboll means that they will benefit from our long-term experience and know-how, and together we can transform their challenges into solutions that are future proof, energy efficient, cost effective and practical.

Energy experience

Ramboll has more than 45 years of experience in the planning, design and implementation of energy solutions.

Our energy team provides expertise on the full spectrum of energy technologies and all parts of the value chain from production over transmission to distribution. We assist our clients on all aspects of a project, ranging from planning to engineering design, to long-term operation and maintenance.

Offshore wind, waste-to-energy, major power plants and district heating

Ramboll offers global leading competence within offshore wind, waste-to-energy, thermal power and district heating. Within these four areas, we provide a one-stop shop of services based on unique know-how and experience gained from a large number of projects, unmatched by other consultancies.

  • More than 65% of the world's offshore wind turbines rise from foundations engineered by Ramboll

  • We have worked on waste-to-energy projects in 40 countries, providing consulting services for 130 new units and retrofits

  • We have designed and constructed more than 90 major power plants, including some of the most energy-efficient plants in the world, and been instrumental in the ongoing conversion from fossil fuels to biomass

  • We have provided consultancy services to more than 200 district heating systems worldwide, ranging from small village schemes to city-wide transmission networks.


  • Ramboll has approx. 1500 people across the company working with different aspects of energy, including oil and gas and energy-efficient buildings, 700 of whom are organised in Ramboll Energy

  • Internationally, we are recognised consultants within offshore wind energy, waste-to-energy, thermal power and district heating

  • Our clients include public and private utilities, developers, banks, local authorities and governments

Energy brochure

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Our full-range services enable our clients to plan and implement energy strategies and systems that are future proof, cost conscious and practical. 

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Energy film

Within offshore wind, waste-to-energy, thermal power and district heating Ramboll provides a one-stop shop of services based on unique know-how and experience.
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Offshore wind monopile foundation

150 Monopiles in the North Sea push offshore wind into deeper waters

Far out in the North Sea, 150 wind turbines will rise from water depths of up to 37 metres and constitute one of the world’s largest wind farms. Ramboll has designed the monopile foundations for the Gemini offshore wind farm that will supply more than 1.5 million Dutch citizens with renewable energy in 2016.

Copenhill in Copenhagen, Denmark

Amager Bakke: High-efficiency energy recovery from waste

The multi-functional Amager Bakke waste-to-energy facility in Copenhagen raises the bar for resource optimisation with an energy efficiency of 107%.

Avedøre Power Plant, Copenhagen, Denmark

Avedøre Power Station - one of the world's most efficient multi-fuel power plants

Located on the coast just south of Copenhagen, Unit 2 of Avedøre Power Station uses natural gas (Ngas), oil, straw and wood pellets for simultaneous generation of heat and electricity. The plant is one of the most energy efficient plants in the world, as it exploits up to 94 percent of the energy in the fuels and operates with an electrical efficiency of up to 49 percent.

Avedøre Power Plant, Copenhagen, Denmark

District heating system in the Copenhagen Region

The district heating schemes in the Copenhagen Region are interconnected, forming one of the largest integrated DH systems in the world.

Rambøll Greenland (Head office)

Rambøll Greenland (Head office)
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