Strategy & Operations

Organisations find themselves in a difficult balancing act on two fronts: While deploying ambitious growth strategies and catering for rapidly changing customer needs, they have to effectively manage their operational setup and push for streamlined processes or economies of scale. In all of this, Ramboll acts as a trusted partner and provides the proper solutions.

Strategy and operations


Erik Møberg

Senior Director
T: +45 5161 7974
M: +45 5161 7974

Today, all too many strategic decisions are made based on a much too simple foundation. Therefore, our services within Strategy & Operation have an empirical point of departure. But we equally stress the human touch. Strategies, mergers or large change programmes are doomed to fail without a deep understanding of people and group dynamics.

A part of a diverse and global team

Our experiences stem from work with highly complex organisations in both the private and public sectors. Being a part of Ramboll, we draw on the technical expertise giving us detailed insights in, e.g. the utility and Oil & Gas sector. 

Rambøll Greenland (Head office)

Rambøll Greenland (Head office)
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DK-3900 Nuuk
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