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Architecture plays a central role in the devel-opment of the built environment and is concerned with the creation of buildings that combine practical and aesthetic values with sustainable credentials.

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Lars Jarle Nore

Lars Jarle Nore

Business Area Manager, Architecture
T: +47 93 23 22 41

Lars Ostenfeld Riemann

Executive Director, Buildings & Aviation Global Division Director
T: +45 5161 6897

Ramboll’s brings together strategic and world class technical services to provide truly holistic building designs that achieve our clients’ architectural visions in a way that benefits the environment and the communities they serve.

Building design to complement city scapes

Building design must conform to an understanding of the city scape, the surrounding buildings and infrastructure, as well as the human experience.

Ramboll is adept at bringing forward architectural considerations in the urban planning process. By developing architectural guidelines and directives, we help to ensure that buildings complement the envisaged city scape.

Our buildings team also includes highly experienced interior designers that are focused on achieving desired objectives for liveability, sustainability, and social interaction. And our lighting specialists help to enhance the urban environment whilst employing smart solutions for minimising power consumption.

Advanced building efficiency capabilities

With nearly a third of global greenhouse emissions being produced by buildings, there is a worldwide focus on energy efficiency and in the EU nearly zero-energy buildings will become mandatory from 2020. Ramboll designs more than 10 million square meters of buildings every year and is at the forefront of integrating advanced energy efficiency measures for both new and retrofit projects.

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Rambøll Greenland (Head office)

Rambøll Greenland (Head office)
Imaneq 32, 2. sal
DK-3900 Nuuk
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